Cheapest Bikes in Bangladesh

Below we have mentioned almost all the cheapest bike or motorcycle in Bangladesh 2021, as well as latest price, quick specifications and recent images.

This Page was last updated on 15-Jan-2022.

In Bangladesh motorcycle popularity rising up day by day, and countries motorcycle industries just going forward slowly, huge industrialization in this sector still not setup yet. As a result, imported motorcycle price in Bangladesh is much higher. Low and limited income peoples have to depends on cheapest motorcycle. Most often peoples are searching cheapest price motorcycle in Bangladesh. Compare to other developing country or even our neighbour country like India or Pakistan, Motorcycle price is much higher in Bangladesh. Because of not growing proper and modern industrialization and other reason is government import tax.

Cheap motorcycle has some of advantage as well as disadvantage also. For cheap, it is affordable for everyone this is an advantage, but manufacturer cannot add proper safety security features on cheap bikes.

However, some of the local and foreign motorcycle models are very cheap here in Bangladesh. Let’s see the top 10 cheapest motorcycle or bikes in Bangladesh.

Cheapest Bike Price List for BD, 2020;

Model Name Price in BD
TVS XL 100 Tk.56,900.00
Runner Bike RT Tk.59,000.00
Roadmaster Prime Tk.63,900
Runner AD-80S Alloy Tk.67,000.00
Runner AD-80S Deluxe Tk.69,000.00
Walton Stylex 100 Tk.71,000.00
Walton Stylex New Tk.72,500.00
Hero HF Deluxe (kick) Tk.82,000.00
Honda CD80 Tk.86,000.00
TVS Metro KS Tk.88,9000.00

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