Harley Davidson Bikes in Bangladesh

Harley-Davidson or simple named Harley, which is a royal and modern motorcycle manufacturer based on America, founded in Milwaukee, Wisconsin in 1903. In this period 1960-1978 and Buell 1987-2009 the company Harley-Davidson survived numerous ownership poor economic health and product quality to become world iconic brand. After 2010 Harley comeback again greatly with their product royalty and as a world iconic motorcycle brand.

They main attraction of this brand is royalty, unique and modernity. Harleys main target is to reach in royal and high class society in the world, and they are very much success in this manner. There unique and royal motorcycle products are now appreciated worldwide. Currently Harley-Davidson selling 35 of successful royal motorcycle models worldwide, and their engine in-between 1,923 cc to 494 cc.

The Price of Harley-Davidson motorcycles are much higher. Considering the price Harleys motorcycles are suitable for high developed countries. Most of the developing countries are not affordable Harleys motorcycle or bike like other regular branded motorcycle.

In Bangladesh, due to motorcycle engine cc limit Harley-Davidson motorcycles are not permitted to import. But all the general peoples of Bangladesh widely appreciated this brand as a royal and modern motorcycle manufacturer. It is unknown to everyone, when will be permitted Harley-Davidson motorcycle here in Bangladesh?

Here in this page below we have mentioned all the Harley-Davidson motorcycle models actual updated 2019 price in USA with USD currency including 2019 latest images.

This Page was last updated on 15-Jan-2022.

Harley-Davidson Postal Address

Furthermore, about Harley-Davidson motorcycles you may contact directly with Harley-Davidson company following below address.

Address: 3700 W Juneau Ave
Milwaukee, Wisconsin 53208, USA.
Phone: +1 800-258-2464

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