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Xiaomi Communications Co. Ltd. A Chinese multinational electronics company, founded in April 2018. The Xiaomi brands headquarter in Beijing. Mainly Xiaomi make smartphones, mobile apps, laptops, home appliances and many more products. Especially this brand of mobile is equally popular all over the world including Bangladesh.

Chinese brand Xiaomi is a well-known name in the mobile industry of Bangladesh. The preconceived notion of Chinese mobile in Bangladesh has largely disappeared since Xiaomi Mobile officially launched in Bangladesh. The main reason for this is the quality of Xiaomi brand mobiles; the quality of the mobiles of this brand is good enough and is available in the Bangladeshi market relatively cheaply.

The main attraction of Xiaomi mobiles in Bangladesh is "price", which means that the prices of modern Xiaomi mobiles with almost all the facilities are much lower in Bangladesh. It is almost impossible to get other first tier band mobiles at this price. So in this case Xiaomi Mobile is a blessing for the common people of Bangladesh.


Bangladesh is still in the ranks of developing countries. At this time, not everyone can afford to buy a smart phone at a cost of Tk.40,000/- to Tk.50,000/-, but many can afford to spend Tk.10,000/- to Tk.15,000/-. Xiaomi is working in the same place; many Xiaomi smartphones are available in Bangladesh for Tk.10,000/- to Tk.`15,000/-. In this way, the lower middle class of Bangladesh is getting the opportunity to use smartphones; on the other hand, it is also playing a great role in the country's economy.

More populous Bangladesh has adequate sales outlets and service centers for Xiaomi products. These centers are highly equipped and run by smart persons. Servicing centers also have satisfactory performance.

Information about Xiaomi Mobile, such as the current price of almost every Xiaomi brand mobile, whether there is a current supply, where to find the original Xiaomi brand mobile and the exact address of the Xiaomi mobile sales outlets are detailed on the mobilephone.com.bd web site in very simple and fluent language.

Detailed information about Xiaomi Mobile in Bangladesh mobilephone.com.bd is mentioned in this website, in particular they have mentioned the key issues including the current price of Xiaomi Mobile in a very nice way through a small table. The price of Xiaomi mobile is often revised in Bangladesh, the revised price of Xiaomi mobile can also be found through our mentioned website. Anyone can click here to see more details about Xiaomi Mobile.

So in the end, the details of Xiaomi Mobile in Bangladesh have been nicely presented on the site mobilephone.com.bd. You can visit this website to know more about the current price of Xiaomi Mobile in particular.

Xiaomi Mobile Bangladesh

Here we have given a short list of Xiaomi mobile price in Bangladesh

Xiaomi Pocophone F1BDT 29,999.00
Xiaomi Mi Pad 4 PlusBDT 28,700.00
Xiaomi Mi Max 2BDT 28,490.00
Xiaomi Redmi Note 8 ProBDT 27,999.00
Xiaomi Mi 9TBDT 27,990.00
Xiaomi Mi 8 SEBDT 27,900.00
Xiaomi Mi Note ProBDT 25,300.00
Xiaomi Redmi K20BDT 25,000.00
Xiaomi Mi 9 SEBDT 25,000.00
Xiaomi Mi 5cBDT 25,000.00
Xiaomi Mi Max 3BDT 24,990.00
Xiaomi Mi 6BDT 24,990.00
Xiaomi Redmi K30i 5GBDT 24,000.00
Xiaomi Redmi Note 9SBDT 24,000.00
Xiaomi Mi 9 LiteBDT 23,500.00
Xiaomi Mi 8 LiteBDT 23,499.00
Xiaomi Mi A1 (5X)BDT 23,200.00
Xiaomi Mi 4BDT 23,000.00
Xiaomi Redmi Note 9 Pro MaxBDT 22,000.00
Xiaomi Redmi Note 7 ProBDT 21,999.00
Xiaomi Mi 4cBDT 21,500.00
Xiaomi Mi Pad 7.9BDT 21,000.00
Xiaomi Mi A3BDT 20,999.00
Xiaomi Redmi Note 8BDT 20,999.00

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Xiaomi Mobile Price in Bangladesh

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